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High School Tutors MontrealLaurus Educational Services provides educational services for high school students in and around Montreal. The high school tutors at Laurus provide unparalleled service for every course offered. High school math tutors are available on short notice for your convenience. By offering one-on-one tutoring Laurus meets the needs of our high school students as well as their parents. Conveniently located in the comfort of your home, our high school tutors will come to you! With many experienced and professional tutors to choose from, we ensure that all of your educational needs will be met.


High School Tutors MontrealExceptionally experienced and professional tutors provide our high school students with the help they need to shine in the classroom. Exceptional results come in everyday from parents thrilled with the progress that they have witnessed. The Laurus Educational Services’ tutors can help with high school exam preparation. They can also clarify course work in every subject, from English and French to Math and Sciences.


High school can be a stressful and hectic time for students. With the help of the Laurus Organizational Skills program, our students receive the tools necessary to ensure they have everything working in their favor for classroom excellence. By incorporating an emphasis on organization, Laurus prepares students with skills that are applicable in the high school classroom, as well as outside the classroom and pertain to just about every facet of life.


A typical high school tutoring session last 90 minutes and is fully customizable to meet the unique needs of each of our students. Our tutors all possess a broad scope of knowledge and are capable of tutoring our students in multiple subjects during one session if required. Selected exclusively from McGill University's graduate and undergraduate programs, our high school tutors are not only extremely intelligent, but are capable of conveying their knowledge in a clear fashion. Chosen based on their academic history, experience, professionalism, communication skills, and ability to think outside the box, your high school tutor can provide homework help, exam prep, organizational skills and mentoring.


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By following the direction in our online booking console, you can schedule a session for your academic needs easily. Select the date & time most convenient for you, and a tutor that is free for that time slot. Then sit back and wait for your Laurus tutor to arrive!

Post secondary entrance requirements continue to become increasingly competitive and more demanding on students. Laurus Educational Services provides the peace of mind that your high school student is receiving the attention required to give them the edge over other students. The services provided by a Laurus Educational Services high school tutor ensure that no topic is left unclear in the minds of our students. Unique programs for each student allow for customized and directed sessions. Our incredible success rate is a testament to both our hard working tutors and hard working students.